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I am accepting new patients via video appointment only.

Please fill out the form and include your diagnosis and any medication.

New Patient Form

Office Visit

  • Initial Evaluation (30-60m): $300

Telepsychiatry/Video Sessions

  • Medication Management w/ Supportive Psychotherapy

  • (15-30m): $250

  • Psychotherapy (60m): $400

  • Emotional Animal Support Letter: $300

​I accept Venmo or Zelle only. I no longer accept checks or Paypal.

  • Due to the nature of telehealth, I am only taking high functioning patients who are motivated for treatment and have a suspected diagnosis or professional diagnosis of ADHD, Anxiety or Depression.

  • Patients with a history of Bipolar, Schizophrenia or susbtance use disorders should seek treatment at a clinic, private practice, hospital or other facility that can provide specialized treatment. Many patients with more complex disorders would be better served at a physical facility that provides treatment within a team of providers including a therapist, social worker, nurses and psychiatric providers.

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