About Me

I am a graduate of New York University and a Board Certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.


I specialize in ADHD, anxiety and depressive disorders.


I perform routine and specialized, outpatient psychiatric services to patients residing in

New York & Florida via online telepsychiatry video.

I integrate interpersonal, psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral approaches to therapy.

​Therefore, we may discuss the following topics:

  • Family, friend, partner, & co-worker relationship history and patterns

  • How your thoughts, identities, emotions, and values interact to impact your view of the world

  • Social, environmental & genetic factors that impact your experience


Contact Me

If you have any questions you can reach me here:

Paul A. Suarez, PMHNP-BC

90 Broad Street, 3rd Fl

New York, NY 10004


(646) 820-8575


Online Telepsychiatry Hours:

Monday-Saturday - 11am-6pm

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